In the dynamic world of Agile, the profound impact of positive energy cannot be overstated. “Your energy introduces you before you even speak” – a belief that forms the cornerstone of this article. As a certified Reiki Grandmaster and Agile Coach, I aim to elevate the positive energy levels within agile teams, irrespective of their maturity level and experience.

For enterprises seeking to enhance their Agile maturity, collaboration with an expert Agile Coach becomes crucial. However, this article focuses on integrating Reiki practices into Agile teams rather than the intricacies of Agile transformation.

Background of Energy Healing and Reiki:

Grounded in quantum physics, the understanding that matter comprises layers of energy has ancient roots. Indigenous cultures worldwide have leveraged energy fields to positively impact health. Reiki, a Japanese practice, taps into “Universal Life Force Energy” (“Ki”) to heal the body, mind, and spirit. With the backdrop set, let’s explore practical Reiki techniques to enhance the positive energy levels of Agile teams.

Meditation on Five Reiki Principles (10-15 Minutes Daily):

Guided by the five Reiki principles, agile practitioners can promote a healthy, loving way of living:

  1. Let go of worry: Stress, a common daily challenge, can be alleviated by trusting in the universal life force, fostering peace within and around.
  2. Let go of anger: In the face of challenges, taking a moment to breathe and release anger contributes to overall well-being and team harmony.
  3. Be grateful: Cultivating gratitude for existing blessings attracts positivity, aligning with the law of attraction.
  4. Do work honestly: Injecting purpose into work fosters fulfillment, echoing the wisdom of Dr. W. Edwards Deming – “Quality is pride of workmanship.”
  5. Be kind to every living thing: Embracing kindness multiplies positive energy, creating a ripple effect of light and love within the team.

These principles, initiated with “Just for today,” align with the agile mindset, encouraging practitioners to live one iteration (day) at a time.

Forgiveness Prayer (10-15 Minutes in Every Retrospective Meeting):

Retrospective meetings provide an opportunity for teams to engage in a forgiveness prayer, releasing negative energy and promoting healing. The chant seeks forgiveness for creating negative energy, fostering perpetual healing, protection, and guidance.

Affirmation Slips (10-15 Minutes in Every Iteration Planning Meeting or as Needed):

Utilizing affirmation slips, agile teams can manifest positive changes. Simple, personalized phrases, held between palms during meditation, reinforce a positive mindset. Examples like “I write perfect code and delight our customers” empower team members to reshape their reality.


Drawing from Reiki practices, agile teams can harness positive energy, fostering a collaborative and uplifting environment. Experimenting with these techniques over 2-3 iterations allows teams to observe the impact. Share your experiences, and may the force of positive energy propel your Agile journey to new heights!

  • Written by Dr. Sanjay Saxena