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$300 Discount + 100% Pass Guarantee on All Certifications! Use Coupon Code SIQ300, Limited Offer for First 10 Participants - Act Now! T&C Apply.

Agile Fundamentals Certified with AI (AFC-AI)

Here is a high-level course outline of the Agile Fundamentals Certified with AI (AFC-AI) certification and training:

1. Introduction to Software Development Methodologies

  • Overview of Waterfall, Agile, and DevOps methodologies
  • Understanding the evolution from traditional to Agile approaches
  • Exploring the benefits of Agile and DevOps in modern software development

2. Agile Frameworks Deep Dive

  • Understanding the Agile Manifesto and its principles
  • Exploring Scrum, Kanban, and XP methodologies
  • Contrasting the roles, ceremonies, and artifacts in each framework

3. Agile Practices and Techniques

  • Learning iterative and incremental development concepts
  • Implementing user stories, backlog refinement, and sprint planning
  • Practicing agile estimation techniques such as planning poker

4. DevOps Fundamentals

  • Understanding the principles and practices of DevOps
  • Exploring continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment
  • Learning about infrastructure as code and automated deployment pipelines

5. Integrating AI Techniques in Agile Projects:

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications
  • AI techniques for enhancing Agile project management
  • Leveraging AI for optimizing task assignments and resource allocation

6. AI Tools and Platforms for Agile Teams:

  • Overview of AI-driven project management tools
  • Use cases of AI in Agile software development
  • Hands-on experience with AI-powered Agile tools

7. Future Trends and Opportunities:

  • Emerging trends in AI and Agile software development
  • Opportunities for innovation and growth in AI-driven Agile projects
  • Strategies for staying updated and adapting to technological advancements in the field

Disclaimer: Course content and structure may change without notice due to the dynamic nature of the evolving field of Agile & AI.

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